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Does Magazine Capacity Vary From State to State?

What is Magazine Capacity?

Magazine capacity is the maximum amount of rounds that can fit into a single magazine. This generally varies anywhere from 3 rounds to 30 rounds depending on make and caliber.

Some after market magazines exist that can hold far more than these numbers though.

At one time there was a federal ban on high capacity magazines, or those over ten rounds. However, it expired in 2004 and has not been renewed as of 2021.

Magazine capacity may very from state to state. The intended use of the firearm can also change these restrictions as is the case with the Alabama hunting regulations that limit magazines to 10 rounds.

Some states may allow larger capacity magazines but require them to be either partially loaded or permanently blocked so that they can only hold a specific number of rounds.

Remember is is your job to make sure you check the regulations in your state. Our hunting regulation section contains links to you states specific laws.

Does Alabama Have a Magazine Capacity?

No. There are currently no Alabama laws that limit the ammunition capacity for magazines. This is true for all firearms including shotguns, rifles and pistols. However, hunting regulations do restrict the ammo capacity to 10 rounds.

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